Let's Flip The Rules
of Dating

Living outside the UK?

Girls make the first move

Are you a girl who’s tired of getting a barrage of messages from guys who aren’t exactly up your street? On Antidate, you get to see the guys on a map - your own location is never revealed. Your profile will only become visible to a guy if you ‘approach’ him via Chat or Tap. It’s all up to you.

Guys sit back and relax

Are you a guy who’s tired of making the first move all the time? On Antidate, girls make the first move. When a girl makes the first approach it’s five times more likely that a conversation
will follow.

Tell me more

  • The main profile picture is a here and now, time-stamped selfie so you will know it’s not out-of-date.
  • We like Instagram so Antidate links up with your Instagram account for additional pictures.
  • Messages are only stored for 24 hours to reduce long-winded chat and get people meeting up more quickly.
  • Eyeball ID - a positive rating if another Antidater confirms that you look like your picture.
  • Erm it looks real pretty.
  • Are you LGBTQ? This version of Antidate is for heteros over 21 years old. We’re working on something special for the LGBTQ community. Watch this space…

Living outside the UK?

If you can't get Antidate where you are at the moment give us your details and we'll make sure Antidate gets to you first.